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Washing Machine Repair Silicon Oasis

Washing Machine Repair Silicon Oasis

If you are looking for a reputable washing machine repair company in Silicon Oasis, you’ve come to the right place. Sama Technical Services is a local service that offers same-day repair services in the United Arab Emirates. Our technicians are highly experienced and affordable

As the leading washing machine repair Dubai, Sama Technical Services has a long list of satisfied customers throughout the emirate. Whether your washing machine is broken or has broken parts, they’ll make sure your washing machine is working properly again. In addition, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the repair team will keep in touch with you afterward. If you’re not able to get to a store for your broken appliance, you can mail it to them for free delivery.

Why choose us for washing machine repair in Silicon Oasis

  • Our experts are passionate about gadgets and are obsessed with their job
  • Our customer care services are second to none, and we specialize in repairing all household appliances
  • Operating in the city for over a decade
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to service any major brand of appliance
  • We offer carrier contracts and fast, efficient service

    Common washing machine issues and tips to resolve them

    We are discussing the most common issues you may encounter with your washing machine. We will look at overloading, cracks in the tub, and leaks. Ultimately, we will resolve these issues and ensure your machine works at its maximum capacity. Hopefully, these tips will help you resolve these problems quickly.


    Overloading your washing machine can seriously damage the components and strain the motor. Overloading a washing machine is easy to detect. It begins with tight packing of laundry. While you should read your washing machine manual to determine the correct load size, a general rule is to leave 6 inches between the top of the load and the top of the drum. If this rule is not followed, the washer might not drain the water.

    Cracked tub

    A cracked tub in a washing machine can put your washing machine out of commission. The tub is what holds your clothes and fills with water every time the machine runs. If the tub is cracked, the water will leak out, causing even more damage. The most common repair for a cracked tub is to replace the tub. However, if you can’t afford to replace your entire washing machine, you might want to consider replacing just the tub.


    When you discover leaks in your washing machine, there are a few things you need to check. First, the drain hose. It can be clogged or punctured. It could also be a worn-out tub-to-pump hose. A washer leaking from the bottom is a big problem because it can cause damage to your home. Run your washer without causing any damage to determine if the leak is in the drain hose.

    Leaks in drain line

    If you’ve experienced a constant gurgling sound coming from your washing machine, you may have a leak in your drain hose. In some cases, rust can build up in the drain hose, and it can become clogged with water. If you’ve seen this problem, you should get a plumber to check it. If you’ve tried clearing the clog on your own, you may find that it’s more serious than you think.

    Leaks in main tub seal

    If you have noticed a leak in your washer’s main tub, there are a few things you can do to fix it. The main tub seal is found in the center of the outer tub near the transmission basket drive shaft. Check to see if water is leaking out of the transmission shaft, indicating that the seal is damaged or worn. You can also check the tub seal by removing the front and rear panels.

    Leaks in control dial

    There are several ways to fix leaks in your washing machine’s control dial. First, locate the small drain valve beneath the control panel. The valve consists of a spring and a lever, and a thin fiber strip connected to the drain regulator located on the console. Sometimes, a layer of fluoride will form on the inner wall of the valve. This layer can prevent the drain valve from working properly. Clean the inside of the valve with a regular sandpaper.

    Broken door interlock

    When you’re struggling to open the washing machine door, you may be looking for a repairman to fix it. A broken door interlock is a mechanical mechanism that keeps the machine’s door closed. When this interlock is damaged, the door cannot lock properly, preventing the washing machine from spinning. You can check whether this component is broken by pressing on the door latch. If it doesn’t lock correctly, there may be a problem with the door latch or transporter bolts.

    Random shutdowns

    Random shutdowns are a common problem among washing machines, and the reason for them is many. One of the common causes is a failing power supply. When the power supply fails, it may not be able to meet the power demand of the hard disk, causing it to shut down unexpectedly. It may need to be restarted several times before it receives enough power. To fix the issue, you need to check the power supply and replace it if necessary.

    Broken power switch

    If you’re experiencing problems starting or stopping your washing machine, it may be a broken power switch. Usually, this happens when you run two appliances off the same circuit. You should check the fuse if it’s okay, and if it’s not, you should check the door latch. If you don’t have electrical experience, you can contact a local tradesperson for help.


    If you’re having trouble with your washing machine, then you can call us at 055 2597 257! We offer a free consultation and estimate, and our technicians will come to your home to perform the repair. Once at your home, technicians will diagnose the problem and suggest a solution on the spot. We will also let you know what you should do next. If the issue is too severe, we can send a technician to fix the problem in a timely manner.

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