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    Sama Technical Services

    We know how important home appliances are for every people in today’s era. Life is very busy for every people, after doing so much work at home, we cannot take out time for ourselves. But due to the home appliance, a lot of work gets easier. It is a very useful thing.

    When you are looking for a good company to repair a home appliance then you can fully believe in Sama Technical Services.

    All work will be done by occupational and in a quick and friendly manner. Sama Technical Services has more than 5 years of experience in Home appliances repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

    We repair all types or brands of home appliances like washing machines, clothes dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, television, cooking appliance, and many more.

    Many people don’t know how long their home appliance is important unless you repair it. After breaking the home appliance, you do not need to take a lot of money and take a new one. So you can contact us with our company Sama Technical Services for the Home Appliances repair Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

    Our company tells you about the issues and how much will you pay for appliance repair and maintenance. Our home appliance repair Dubai service charge is 150 AED that you can feel comfortable with our competitive rates in your areas, there is no matter which brands or models or where you bought it. Note please be aware that we do not claim to change the spare parts and visit your home in service charges.

    Our expert has many years of experience and the smallest detail about every home appliance and also about its parts. The people working in our company have educated and have a good knowledge of home appliances repair Dubai. Sama Technical Service is Dubai’s top company that provides the best quality Appliance repair service in Dubai.

    Our company gives a warranty the most days than any other company Sama Technical Service Company gives 90 days warranty to our customers. It does not matter where you buy your home appliance or which brands and models do you have. We provide the fastest response time and high-quality services without any compromise or delay.

    Our expert can repair your Home appliance in Sama Technical Service. We are providing 24 hours of repair service of Home Appliance repair Dubai. Sama Technical Service is always solved your problem within 24 hours of the call us 0504872548

    Home Appliances Repair Dubai

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    Home Appliances Repair Dubai


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    • Most Cost-Effective Pricing Possible
    • Reliable Service With No Hidden Costs
    • Certified Technical Experts
    • Advanced Repairing & Fixing Equipment Tools
    • All Over Dubai and Abu Dhabi


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