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Job Profile of Sama Technical Services

Sama Technical Services is a skilled and professionally trained company of Home Appliances Repair in Dubai and all over UAE. We work with both residential and commercial clients. We are an enthusiastic company that is giving you quality services to its customers for over 10 years.


The experience Standard

We are a licensed, experienced, and professional company that is a good sign of credibility.



We are a qualified company that can do the job within a short span of time and we work on a Smaller or bigger project in a very easy step.



Our Specialization in installation and repair services for any kind of Home appliances whether whatever you are using brands and models.


Special offers and Discounts

We are providing quality service with cheap and discounted service offers. Our primary focus on repair charges and as well as customer value.


Repair Question

We offer you a good estimate with written, fast pickup delivery, quick response, Parts charges depend on the issues, Labor charges are 150 AED, Trip charges will be not including in labor charges.


Bonded and Insured

If something in the home appliance is damaged during the repair then specifically, insured for this occurrence that we offer their customers.


Experienced And Honest Technicians

Our engineers are experienced players in this sector who discuss the problem with you on your budget. They handle a wide range of products.


Our Mission or Vision

Our engineers are experienced players in this sector who discuss the problem with you on your budget. They handle a wide range of products.

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    Do you need an emergency service with the local repairman in your area? We are the established local appliances repairing company Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and extend UAE that you will be getting comfortable service at much more attractive cost that you deserve.

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    Washing Machine Repair

    You are getting disappointed from the Washing machine, Get excellent repair service and save time, efforts, money and avoid headaches

    Fridge Repair

    Your fridge cannot work well and getting trouble with their device. At Sama Technical Service, able to communicate closely with you

    LCD, LED, PLASMA TV Repair

    Your TV has broken down at some point. Fix your TV, LCD, LED, Plasma with Sama professional repair company that provides timely support and impeccable service

    Dishwasher Repair

    Your dishwasher has malfunctioned, you need repair and maintenance effectively with that has done excellent jobs over the years

    Electric Stove Repair

    We are offering impeccable service for Cooking Range Repair Dubai with the best engineers

    Dryer Repair

    You are in trouble because of the dryer machine. We are a good friend to help you and provide quality customer service


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