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Do you live in Abu Dhabi and your washing machine is no longer working? If such is the case, you can request our washing machine repair services Abu Dhabi area. It is easier to let the technician do their job as the odds of making a serious mistake are very slim. All the same, it is important to teach yourself about simple troubleshooting ideas. In future you might repair your washing machine yourself.

Meanwhile, we wish to tell you that our washing machine repair services Abu Dhabi are the best ones available. We have served so many customers who are very happy about our work. If you have a washer that won’t perform as perfectly as it did previously, get in touch with us. We have excellent technicians who will troubleshoot and repair your machine. But here are ways to troubleshoot your equipment now or in future.

The machine can’t spin

If your washing machine refuses to spin, you know that you cannot do your laundry. So, what could cause this? Perhaps it is motor coupling that attaches the motor to the washer transmission. In efforts to safeguard the motor and transmission system the coupling may fail, causing the washer not to spin. Another possible reason is the lid switch assembly. When the lid is open, the switch assembly stops the machine from spinning. So when the lid switch fails, the washer won’t spin at all. A multi-meter is a great testing tool. The trigger could be the drive belt, which could be broken or just loosely hang on pulleys. Request our washing machine repair services Abu Dhabi technical expert to come and help if you can’t do anything.

The washing machine is too loud

Is your washer annoyingly loud? If so, it could be that the tub seal and bearing are damaged. The tub bearing is in the core of the outer tub, and it keeps the inner tub rotating flawlessly. If your washer is noisy during the spin cycle, it could be possible that the tub bearing is damaged. And this could also trigger some leakage. Replacement work is necessary but it is difficult and time-consuming. Hence, you need our washing machine repair services Abu Dhabi specialist to help you. Note that the rear drum with a bearing could be the cause of the noises. A simple change of bearing is necessary, but it may or may not be sold along with the rear drum.

When the washer shakes or vibrates

Your washing machine has shock absorbers. If one or more of these gets broken or worn out, the machine is likely to vibrate. And the main cause of this damage is washer movement. If it is relocated to a new spot often, the shock absorbers could separate and cause vibrations. The suspension rods could get broken; the tub movement may get interrupted. It can only be replaced so that the machine can run smoothly once again. Sama washing machine repair services Abu Dhabi entails this, and we are able to replace and repair other parts of this equipment. Our rates are affordable.

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