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Our everyday appliances that surround us be it our washing machines which has reduced our manual labor of washing clothes, dish washer which allows us to save time and effort required in cleaning up after our meals, our beloved fridges which stores all the food that we throw in it for storage so that we can access it fresh as they were when our belly craves for food etc. They make our lives so easy and we have got so used to that, that we end up taking these luxuries for granted.

We only realize their value only when they break and we can’t utilize them thus disrupting our day to day life cycle. As every human needs care when they are sick, machines also need special attention when they break and no one does it better than Sama Technical Services. Based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they have the best and number one washing machine repair center known for their specialty in brands such as Bosch, Samsung, LG and other well-known and popular consumer brands.

A washing machine has become an integral part of our daily household. A broken washing machine means that you’ll not be able to clean the stains on your favorite shirt or dress and may ruin it forever, that important business meeting of yours that you have been waiting for being ruined as your dirty suit didn’t come back from the laundry early because you couldn’t do it yourself thus wreaking havoc and disrupting your life equilibrium. That is a nightmare you don’t want to face, so take the correct step at the correct time and get them repaired as soon they show signs of trouble.

So what are the few problems that your washing machine may show:

  • Overflowing unit
  • Washer is not draining
  • Leaking unit
  • Dryer not starting
  • Dryer not heating up/ drying clothes
  • Machine makes weird sounds
  • Machine stops in the middle of the process
  • Burning odor while dryer is turned on

Just like you don’t trust quacks with your life, you shouldn’t trust your appliances with just anyone in the market. Give your appliances the respect they deserve and avail the services of highly trained and professional technicians who are well versed in their work.

With the state of art machines and tools and parts of all the latest models of all brands, Sama technical services is the washing machine repair in Dubai you need to be at.

Ample stock ensures reduced waiting time for customers and also guarantees a fast and reliable service. If a broken unit can be fixed without using new parts, we don’t put any financial burden on our customers. A cost effective strategy ensures you get a very accurate estimate of the amount you need to pay.

No hidden charges, technical expertise in all types of washing machines, guaranteed repair, total transparency in work and cost, lowest service charges and total customer satisfaction are just some of the complementary benefits you get when you avail our services.

So restore normalcy in your life and go visit right now!!

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