How long do Refrigerators last? The life span of kitchen appliances.

A refrigerator is one of the most essential kitchen appliances found not only in homes but also in offices and restaurants alike, and the importance of its proper functioning should not be refuted. Especially in summers, where in a place like Dubai the average temperatures strike around 45° C. There are a variety of reasons for your refrigerator to stop working properly or even completely break down. For example, when your unit is not working at the required cooling temperatures or is consuming too much energy and power it might be because of frost build-up or a leak when the ice maker has malfunctioned or the water/ice dispenser has stopped working. These might be manufacturing defects with your refrigerator or might develop later at any time from using it without proper care and maintenance. And when these situations arise people are always in search for refrigerator repair in Dubai.

A suddenly malfunctioning refrigerator can be the cause of a huge worry. For such emergency situations, Sama Technical Services comes to your rescue. We have a 24/7 maintenance and refrigerator repair service in Dubai, and provide quick services any time of the day, with the help of our highly qualified team of technicians who are experts and experienced in handling repairs and maintenance for freezers and refrigerators of a multitude of brands including Bosch, LG, SAMSUNG & SIEMENS.

At Sama Technical Services, we believe in sticking to our work ethics and therefore, in quality service. Our technicians conduct thorough investigation of your appliance and then carry out the repair service using the highest quality products. We have no hidden costs and extra charges and the great number of satisfied customers all speak the same of our service to be the best in Dubai for repair and technical help. Contact now to get the best repair services for your home appliances!

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