Ask The Expert: When to Repair or Replace your Home appliance

It is always tricky to decide whether an appliance has to repaired or replaced, especially when it comes to dishwashers, to be sure if we have utilized the machine enough before discarding it and investing on a newer version. When an appliance becomes old, the choice is easy, we buy a new one but when the appliance starts acting unnaturally, bosch dishwasher repair or replace decision gets harder.

If the money is tight, we are all thinking about which ‘dishwasher repair service is near me’ and hope for the best but however, if there is cash to spare, then replacing it with a new, energy-efficient model is a better way to go. However, there are certain guidelines before going about with the process.

  1. Check if it is broken: Sometimes, we become so paranoid that we forget that the machine may not be broken but it is just unplugged. There have been numerous issues where the people have called for the helpline only to find their dishwashers and other appliances unplugged. It can also happen that the circuit breakers are tripped or the flooring is uneven which causes some of the machines to not work. One other common reason why the appliances stop functioning properly is because of the clogging of the vents and the filters and so, it is better to get these things checked before giving up any appliances.

  2. Check the extension of the warranty: Most warranties, especially for dishwashers among other appliances, cover labor and parts for a year or two. So if the appliance is still covered, it is better to call for the bosch dishwasher services. It will be cheaper and efficient.

  3. Check whether it is past its theoretical expiry date: There is a hypothetical period until when a machine works well and beyond that the machine is always on borrowed time. The closer the device is to this date it is wiser to replace it than repair it. Following is the list of an average age until any appliance works

Name of the appliance





Exhaust Fan


Electric Range

Hypothetical age








  1. Follow the 50% rule: If the appliance has gone through 50% of its lifespan or if the cost of repair is more than 50% of the cost price of the appliance, it is better to get it replaced rather than repairing it. It may not be a cost-effective solution but it is a practical and a safer option. While the appliance would have worked after the repair, the probability of its malfunctioning still increases.

While these are the major aspects to look into, the customers must also take care of some minor points such as check how much cost-effective and energy-effective the new appliances are. If the appliances are costly but also, more energy-effective, it would be a wiser decision to repair rather than replace as it may the savings through the less energy consumption would be very minimal as compared to the savings through repairing the damage. Moreover, the amount of money that is to be spent on the new appliance doesn’t stop at the cost of the appliance as there will be furthermore expenditure through the installation charges, wiring charges or modifications of the location due to its different size. However, each case is different and it is better to ask a professional before taking any decision and which can be done by calling Sama Techincals Servcies at our helpline number.

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